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If we believe in new study then Their will be a day when glowing gloves made of a “living material” could replace the “CSI”-style black lights which is currently used to detect certain substances in crime-scene investigations and other scientific applications.

A team of splendid researchers working on a “living material”, it will light up when it comes in contact with certain chemicals. According to the new study, the researcher’s explanation the living material — a hydro gel filled with E. coli bacteria cells — with its potential applications. The cells are genetically reprogrammed to light up by using fluorescence, when they come into contact with the different chemicals.


Up to now the researchers have injected the hydro gel into gloves and bandages, but they also say the living substance could be applied to crime scene investigations, medical diagnostics, pollution monitoring and even more.

According to the associate professor of biological engineering at MIT, Timothy Lu “With this design, people can put different types of bacteria in these devices to indicate toxins in the environment, or disease on the skin,” moreover “We’re demonstrating the potential for living materials and devices.”

Concerning wearable sensors as the goal, in the environment that can be carefully controlled, the researchers get the most success in testing the programmed cells within Petri dishes. It’s hard to Maintaining the living cells especially when they’re deployed in a functioning device; it has been a main challenge for team’s researchers.



Other most difficult part is to find a host for his programmed cells, therefore Lu teamed up with Xuanhe Zhao. Zhao is an associate professor of civil, environmental and mechanical engineering at MIT, he and his colleagues had studied in different hydro gel formulations, and their recent iteration offered the bio engineered bacteria, a stable environment.


The most feverish thing is the hydro gel is about 95 percent water and it doesn’t crack when it’s stretched or pulled furthermore it can fuse to a layer of rubber while still letting in oxygen.

Personally, I think It’s really interesting,..

What you think?

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