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Directed by Prakash Jha a movie “Gangaajal” released on Indian box office in 2003.  Its an Indian hindi action, drama film. With strong storyline and amazing acting of Ajay Devgan (played leading character) as well as Gracy Singh and Mukesh Tiwari, the movie gain quite reputation in bollywood film industry and hit at the Indian box-office.

Ajay Devgan

The story placed at Bihar (India). Gangaajal  SP Amit Kumar (Ajay Devgan) taking charge of the Tezpur District (fictitious) in Bihar which is domain of crime under the control of local don Sadhu Yadav (Mohan Joshi) and his son Sundar Yadav (Yashpal Sharma).  Amit fought with them for setting  the peace and justice in all are, so that Tezpur can become a crime free District and people of Tezpur can live happily without any fear.

Amit Kumar taking charge of the Tezpur District in Bihar. The area is notorious for its crime rate, with Tezpur Police under the control of local don Sadhu Yadav  and his son Sundar Yadav . Amit tries to instill honesty and courage in his subordinates, but in vain. Bacha Yadav (Mukesh Tiwari) is a stooge of Sadhu Yadav. Amit Kumar summons Bacha Yadav, puts him off duty temporarily and also tries to keep him away from Sadhu Yadav and Sundar Yadav. Anxious that he would be transferred from Tezpur, Bacha Yadav, seeking the help of Sadhu Yadav, visits his home, where he finds out that he is being ditched by Sadhu and vows to settle score with them.  Bacha Yadav urges Amit to give him one more chance, who obliges him. Bacha Yadav tricks Sundar into a factory where Amit and his men are waiting and after a brief scuffle, Sundar is arrested and produced in a local court, where the judge acquits Sundar on the account of lack of evidence against him.

Gangaajal Sadhu Yadav’s men then try to vandalise a shop of local pan vendor a fight arises between the accused and Bacha Yadav and his colleagues. It reaches an extreme point with Bacha Yadav piercing the eyes of the accused and pouring acid, referred locally as “Gangaajal”, on their eyes. The incident raises a hue and cry in the local media, which accuses Police of vigilante justice. Angered by the incident, Amit Kumar orders his men involved to give their confessions in writing. While all, except Bacha Yadav, deny their involvement, Bacha Yadav writes his confession in a letter. later, Sundar Yadav who, after a brief struggle, kills Bacha Yadav by shooting in his eyes. Enraged by the incident, Amit Kumar burns the confession letter of Bacha Yadav and issues a search warrant for Sundar and warns Sadhu Yadav to tell Sundar to surrender himself. Sadhu Yadav applies for an anticipatory bail for Sundar but before Sundar is produced in the court, he is arrested and is taken to jail. This time, the court rejects the bail application and orders the Police to keep Sundar in a 10-day custody.

Ajay Devgan

However, both Sadhu and Sundar escape. Amit then catches up with them and brief fight takes place between them and the film ends with both Sundar and Sadhu getting killed by falling accidentally on chisels of a plough, which incidentally pierce through their eyes.

Ajay Devgan  A movie was became very popular in india and personally i like it alot. I’am sure you liked it too.  and if you never saw it until now, i suggest you shoule see it, and i know for sure you will like it.

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