Desert House Temperature

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Tehran is a well-known city situated in the middle of mountains and desert, its gets really hot in the summer as well as really cold in the winter. If we take a look at the history of Tehran, homes in the city have had two living rooms to accommodate these extreme temperatures.

Desert House Temperature

Well… it’s obvious, that’s not the best way to use the space (And believe me they don’t have any space problems like another country). So one architecture firm came up with a great idea and makes a modern twist on this tradition: A motorized rooms that face is outward during the summer so it can capture fresh air and also turns inward during the winter so it can keep the house warm.

Tehran is also known as Iran’s capital city. The Tehran- based firm Next Office used this design in as single-family home in the city’s upscale, and it’s really turn out amazing: The ravishing residence, known as Sharifi-ha House, has three rotating rooms: a breakfast room is on the first floor, a guest bedroom located on the second floor and a home office stand on the third floor.

Desert House Temperature

The chambers flank 90 degrees like a Rubik’s Cube:

Bumat a German company which is professionalized in revolving platforms like those used for theater sets and car exhibition built that exotic mechanism and shipped it to Iran, where it was incorporated into this marvelous home in 2013. desert

Desert House Temperature

According to the Next OFFICE with the three swiveling pods space will be maximizing in a narrow building…. Obviously, if Tehran’s traditional two-living-room homes turn into three Rubik’s Cubical rooms then space will automatic increase. Molding the front from tw0- to three-dimensional allowed them to make the most of the shapely plot.

Next Office keeps their silent on their client… but whoever they are, one thing is sure they really like to live in comfort and luxury. Personally, I also want to visit this fabulous house and see their lifestyle.

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