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There are countless thrilling technologies that will go on with world to transform and get better human wellbeing. Here are latest technologies

 Self-Driving Cars


These are safer than human-driven cars in most driving conditions. They get even safer, and will begin to go middle-of-the-road over the next 3-5 years.

1.25 million People die from car-related injuries per year according to the World Health Organization estimate in which half of the deaths are pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists who badly strike by cars.

In the 20th century as cars reshaped just but in the 21st century self-driving cars will operate. Self-driving cars will be in almost continuous use (most expected l from a Smartphone app), thereby dramatically falling the need for parking. Cars will exchange a few words with one another to avoid accidents and traffic jams, and other activities like work, education, and socializing will be going by riders to spend commuting time.

Drones and Flying Cars


A military technology is now used for sleet taxis and gets mapping directions, and hunt Pokemon. Likewise, drones in progress as a military technology being used for a broad range of consumer and commercial applications.

For example, drones are being used to examine critical infrastructure like bridges and power lines, for investigation of areas struck by natural disasters, furthermore other innovative uses like fighting animal poaching.

To deliver household items drones are being built by Amazon and Google

Just like this Flying cars apply the same highly developed technology used in drones but are bulky enough to carry people. Flying cars will be significantly more affordable and convenient than today’s planes and helicopters due to advances in materials, batteries, and software.



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