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If you go to the French capital, Paris, you should look closely for one of its latent entrances. But by any chance, if you topple upon one, then it will reveal an underworld of the dark, moist, narrow tunnels with a piquant history.

Under the City of Light’s, 12 million residents stand and the rest 6million others well famous as France’s Empire of the Dead,

The Paris dark catacombs contain a 200-mile network of old caves, tunnels, and quarries, and most of them almost filled with the skulls and bones of the dead. And much of them are out of ambit to the public and so it’s illegal to explore catacombs unsupervised.

In the early development of Paris, the city above the catacombs was build by located underground quarries which were placed with extracting deep underground by limestone. But as the quarries wrecked with it a number of streets collapsed as well. Underground quarries are weakest parts of the city’s foundations and the network went through the several transformations throughout history because of the repairs and reinforcements.

Since the 18th-century catacombs became the solution to overcrowding in the city’s cemeteries and from that time they have known as the Empire of the Dead.

The dead bodies began to break through the walls of people’s cellars because the number of dead people buried in Paris’s cemeteries and beneath its churches was too much and it cause serious health concerns for the local people and because of that human remains were transferred to the underground quarries in the early 1780s and all of it became a reason for more than 6million people underground.

And because of it, Paris has few tall buildings and large foundations cannot be found in Paris because of the catacombs which are directly under the city’s streets.


It will draw the attention of any group of explorers who has thirst for adventure.

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