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  • To develop new weapons China is investing billions of dollars
  • China is on construction of stealth fighters and aircraft carriers.
  • Its defense budget has been increasing gradually over the years

BEIJING: China’s largest missile manufacturer is on the increasing of secretiveness, military drones with     these abilities can move anti-aircraft weapons. IN the country’s ambitious military modernization programme the official China Daily said about advancement of this.


“Drones have become an essential weapon in this ultra modern business society because they can play a significant role in high-resolution investigation, long-distance accuracy strikes, anti-submarine operations and aerial combat,”

Insisting it has no intimidating intent; China is investing billions of dollars to update getting old equipment and expand new weapons, including stealth fighters and aircraft carriers.

Its weighty defense spending, however, has anxious a region already on guard over Beijing’s more assertive approach to difference of opinion in the South and East China Seas and over self-ruled Taiwan, claimed by China as a willful province.


Wei told the newspaper his company was also developing near-space and long-range staying power drones.

The paper explained China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp as the country’s single producer of cruise missiles, and said the drones also look like cruise missiles.

China has stepped up in  military drones research into, hoping to take market share from the United States and Israel with its cheaper technology and readiness to sell to countries that Western states are unenthusiastic to deal with.



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