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China always on the favor of the Pakistan and now it’s making a long-term plan for Pakistan. When you think about it one thing comes to the mind, china action sure would make the East India Company proud.

A Pakistan newspaper Dawn revealed the proposals about the China Pakistan economic corridor, and it says that to set up demonstration projects along with the fiber-optic system, which will beneficial for extent the Chinese culture, China Enterprises leased around thousands of agricultural acres. Right now China Enterprises doing the same thing like what East India Company did in the past.


It seems that Proposal confirms that soon china will set its foot in Pakistan and make it the economic colony of China as CPEC. This CPEC project helps Beijing strengthen its strategic comprehend of its ally as well as provide its connectivity from Xinjiang through the Arabian Sea at the Gwadar of Balochistan.


Showing the strong and deep access into the economic life of Pakistan, Chine surely leaves a big impact through the scopes and the range of the plan. This Project also could have to affect India in several ways such as like, it could be possible that China forfeited the Pakistan’s predominance.

And it’s not a single bit favorable for India because it would be possible that China tries to enclose the India’s borders from the both side (east and west).


Despite all the commotion, the project seeks to advance the internationalization of the renminbi, although there is a risk, which arises because of the Chinese enterprises entering into the Pakistan. Including the risk, the major problem was politics and security.


Pheww… this new was really bothersome I am glad it’s done.

If you gather all the new about what happening on all around the world, seriously the one thing I think always is what are they trying to do with all this wars and trespassing, are they trying to repeat the time or bringing the destruction on Earth.PAKISTAN



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