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All of us bother by our own Extra weight and don’t want to carry extra kilos all around with us, right? Imagine what if I show you the way to reduce your extra fats so you can become the slim and have perfect body….. It’s great, isn’t it; well there is some shortcut for you and without any hard works.


Put rice on the table:-

While c rice, into the boiling water, add some drops of coconut oil before adding the rice into it. Once the rice is prepared, let it cool for around 12 hours in the fridge and then you can eat it. Rice, which is going through the process of cooked and cooled have 10 times resistant starch than the normal rice. Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate which is not broken down by the body so easily, in other words, it can’t be converted into sugar and absorbed into the bloodstreams unlike the usual starches in the normal rice. And even for the better taste, you can reheat the rice when you eat it; don’t worry it won’t affect the resistant starch levels of rice.


Just Laugh:-

Turns off, all the tragic dramas and spend some times with your close buddy (who able to gives you real happiness), or turn on the comedy serials, seasons, movies so you can laugh with all your heart. And Research has discovered that laughing heartily for a good hour a day is equal to the 30 minutes you spend at the gym while lifting weights. A nice, belly-aching laugh makes your heart beat faster and make it pumps more blood to the body’s organs.


Try More Water, Instead Of more food

Just as the heading says, just try to gulp more water instead of chewing more food and it will make you ensure that you’re well-hydrated at all times, with this its prevent unnecessary (unwanted too, right?) weight gain. The Human body, marvelous creation of god, sends the signal to the brain when it is thirsty, which is exactly the same for the hunger too. So just drink it up and relax you won’t eat extra food, hence, won’t gain extra weight.


What are you waiting for those are not too many also not so hard to try for once. Go and just try them, believe me, you will see the positive result for sure.


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