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First Time In India An News App With Vision Of Educating Poor and Needy Kids Of India : Bleep News

Recently we have launched a new website named as BleepNews and Bleep News app.  In that web site we will cover all national and international news, reports, sports, entertainment, and each and every thing you should know about. We have made an android application of that same website named as BleepNews. You can find its downloading link here Download Now Bleep News App from Play Store. 

Bleep News app    Well now you will think what is special in this. Every day some of developers uploads applications on play store. Well this is not all about news. The main motivation behind of this application is to educate poor and needy children of India. Now you will ask how? So for that every  one knows how the mobile application owners earns?? by putting advts on the application! and in that same manner we did same thing, but for some good deed.The amount we will earn from the advts of Bleep News application we will donate a major part of it to the charities or individually we will admit poor kids to nearby schools.

This is the main motivation behind the making application. As a part of social worker we found to many parents are not able to even feed their child twice a day. Then how will they afford fees of education?? Now a days every one knows what it cost to educate our kids in India?? don’t You think poor parents wont have dreams of educating their kids?? Even we asked to many peoples for donating for  those child but no one came in front. So we decided to take a step for this. And we developed this application.

Bleep News appWell now we want more readers to our news app. Who really have interests to read news. We assure you we will give daily updates on each and every topics and we are Improving our Application Day by day. Now we are not asking for donations, we have a great vision and i know with us every one will join.

As you know every one spends some of their time to read news, or wastes in watching Videos(Like Nagarpalika abusive, Soluchan, etc) we just need some of your time to read our news app in a day and 2Mb free space for Downloading our news app.

Lets Join us by Downloading This Application Now. Download Now Our News App. Share this message with all your friends and tell them to download and share to. Its time to contribute some time for our Nation’s Future. Let show every one the power of UNITY, the power of GOODNESS in INDIANS, the power of KINDNESS in INDIANS. Lets spread this words..!

Here We are providing a video which you can share with every one. And the Shared Images Also you can download them and share with your frinds!


Bleep News appHere are some features of Our Application Bleep News App

BleepNews provides news in Hindi. Get breaking news from India and worldwide, headlines & updates on politics, sports, bollywood & entertainment, & technology. Stay updated with trending news.


•All trending news in front of you.
• Easy User Interface from where you can easily select what news you want to read.
• National and international news on your fingertips.
•All news in Hindi Language easy to read.
• Easy your favorite sharing option above and below of each and every news.
•First time in India : now this application will donate for educate needy child of India.
• Horoscope feature is upcoming : Where you can daily Read your accurate horoscope.

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