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Air France A380 makes emergency landing with damaged engine

Air France had a big problem on its way! Read full story and know the reason what happened!

PARIS: An Air France A380 superjumbo haveing more than 500 people made an emergency landing in Canada after suffering grave damage to one of its engines, with passengers telling hearing a loud bang pursue by aggressive shaking.

Video and photos posted on social media showed extensive damage to the outer starboard engine, with part of its outside cowling apparently sheered away.

The double-decker wide body airplane carrying 496 traveler and 24 crew had taken off from Paris leap for Los Angeles and was several hours into the flight when the incident occurred. Air france A380

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Air FranceA Passenger told Canadian broadcaster she heard a “boom” trailed by a sudden drop in altitude.

Further she added “The cabin started vibrating. Someone screamed, and from there we knew something was wrong.”

“We saw the cabin crew walking through the aisles quickly, and also we heard an announcement from the captain that said one of our engines had an explosion.”

Air France A380

The plane was unfocused as it passed over Greenland and landed safely at a military airport in Goose Bay, eastern Canada. A presenter for Air France said.

Also presenter added “All of the 520 people on board were abandon with no injuries.”

The reason of the problem was not right away clear. But David Rehmar, a former aircraft mechanic who was on the flight; told that he thought a fan failure may have been to responsible.

Also he added “You heard a loud ‘boom’, and it was the vibration alone that made me think the engine had failed.”

Rehmar  also said that for a few moments, he thought “we were going to go down”.
A passenger shared a small video on Twitter!

Another passenger, John Birkhead, told that he and his wife had just stood up to stretch when they heard an blast.

“We were just stretching and talking, and suddenly there was an enormous bang, also the whole plane shook”. Birkhead, 59, said. “We were lucky we weren’t tossed to the ground.”

Also a lady passenger named Pamela Adams said everything on the flight had been normal; “and suddenly it felt like we had run into a jeep in the middle of 35,000 feet high.”

also she added she was “pushed” and the plane dipped slightly “but the pilots recovered beautifully”.

“There wasn’t the panic that I would’ve predicted,” also she added, praising the pilots for the way they handled the incident.

The airline said it would fly the exaggerated passengers to Los Angeles aboard two planes on Sunday morning. Air france A380 Reports.


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