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At last, we got some good news for all fans of Aamir Khan and SRK and I guarantee it your heart will be bounce with excited. Can you imagine what it was?


If we believe in what news says then Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are all set to come together; isn’t it super exciting new? I like both of them so I really can’t wait to see that. Recently, the selfie of the duo came across the media and gone quickly viral; It’s 1st time in 25 years so all fans were overjoyed on seeing them together and because of that salfie everyone was praying to see them together in some or the other project.


That’s proved god will always answer your prayer if you ask him with whole heartily and desire with pure heart when the fans wish to fulfill when the gossip has turned out to be true.

Well, the report says Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have come together for a project…No…No, it’s not a movie but according to sources Aamir and SRK both are a part of this campaign.

It’s all about STAR Plus and its makeover, according to rumors STAR PLUS is getting a makeover and their new campaign is parole “Nayi Soch”.

This is going to be the first time when Aamir and King Khan would be sharing the screen together; we are very excited for this, aren’t you?


Two big and sparkling stars on one screen and furthermore they will be seen together, and that’s not enough, they both are none other than Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, just hearing about it makes me super duper excited and want to see them together right now…. I think it’s obvious, isn’t it? Because it’s not very often when media grab new on them and when it’s come to news like that it’s really too rare.

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