Qualcomm come into Server Market with 10nm Centric 2400 Chips; succeed to seize Microsoft as First immense Customer


Microsoft will start to make use of Qualcomm’s newly make known 10nm 48-core Centric 2400 server chips in its data centers. Qualcomm’s chips will be capable to dart the full Windows 10 OS later this year. This is a big move about freeze the partnership between the two companies; there […]

Stormy Uproar During The Today’s Budget Session In Parliament: Lucknow Terror Saifullah Operation And Bhopal Train Blast


The recommencement of a Budget session will become a witness stormy uproar in Parliament. The Opposition is all set to take all on the government over the counter-terror operation happened in Lucknow as well as on the hate crimes against Indians that happened recently in the United States.Saifullah Rajnath Singh, […]